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Centralized reporting and paying now makes it easier to file one return per Arizona Department of Revenue (ADOR) transaction privilege tax (TPT) license. Beginning with your January 2017 activity filed in February 2017, businesses must now file all their TPT activity with ADOR. Previously taxpayers with activity in non-program cities would file with that city and with ADOR. Separate city returns for current activity are no longer required.

Statutory changes requiring centralized licensing and reporting of transaction privilege tax for all cities with ADOR may mean that you are now required to file online and will no longer receive a paper TPT-EZ form in the mail. Some businesses that previously qualified to receive the TPT-EZ form in the mail may now have more than one business location or additional region or deduction codes that trigger the online filing requirement.

We strongly encourage taxpayers to file online via the AZTaxes.gov website for faster processing and fewer errors. If you have questions or need assistance on using AZTaxes.gov, email us at AskTPT@azdor.gov.

See our Reporting Guide for convenient access to TPT-related guidance and resources, including Contracting, Retail, Residential Rental, Motor Vehicle Sales and Special Events, Craft Shows & Trade Shows.

The Arizona Department of Revenue uses a number of research methods to ensure businesses in Arizona are properly licensed for State Transaction Privilege Tax and Use Tax and registered as an employer for withholding taxes. This research includes matching names of businesses from various directories or sources against our database.

Questions?  Contact us at: LicenseCompliance@azdor.gov

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