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Mefile Application to participate

Please complete Arizona’s processing year 2016 form to register your interest in TPT Bulk Filing with us and receive a login ID/password to access Publications.

2D Barcode Software Developer Information

2D Barcode


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2D Barcode Record Layouts

 2015 Pub AZ100A (updated 1/21/2016)          

1. Removed Fiscal Year Begin Date field for FY Filers Form 140

2. Deleted or Reassigned Fields on Credit Forms 309, 322, 323, and 348

3. Added references to Fields removed from last year’s forms

4: Added “Peach” color to Legend to indicate Deleted Fields From TY2014 Record Layout

5. Deleted new field added in version dated 11/10/27 from CR309 Form Copy 1 and Copy 2 (Fields 12a)



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