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Electronic Funds Transfer Program

Since January 1, 1993, the State of Arizona has required certain taxpayers to remit payments due the state by the Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT) system. Electronic funds transfer requires the taxpayer to send payments electronically rather than writing and mailing a check. It has proven to be a safe, efficient payment system that allows the State of Arizona to use techniques that banks and businesses have used for years. Payments move almost instantaneously through this system from taxpayers’ accounts into the State Treasury ensuring that payments are received by the due date.

Who Is Required To Pay Taxes Electronically?

The following criteria has been established to determine which Arizona taxpayers are required to remit their taxes electronically:

  • Withholding Tax - Any taxpayer with $20,000 average quarterly liability for withholding tax during the prior tax year.
  • Corporate Estimated Tax - Any corporation with $20,000 prior tax year liability.
  • Transaction Privilege Tax – Any taxpayer with $1,000,000 prior tax year liability.


Electronic Withholding Payments

The State of Arizona provides a website that enables business taxpayers to file and pay state taxes online. Users of www.aztaxes.gov can file Withholding and Transaction Privilege taxes, make payments, verify the status of tax licenses, consult answers to tax questions frequently asked of the State, and more—all electronically from one location.


Thousands of Arizona businesses are already enrolled at www.aztaxes.gov.

  • It saves you time and money.
  • No more last minute trips to the bank or Post Office, lost checks, or missed deadlines.
  • You're in total control of initiating your tax payment securely through this site.

For additional information, visit https://www.aztaxes.gov