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Department of Revenue

Collections and Payment Information

Do you owe taxes to the State of Arizona? Need some help deciding what to do or whom to call? The Department of Revenue has several avenues available for you to resolve your tax problems.
If you have not filed your tax returns (Individual Income, Transaction Privilege, Withholding, or Corporate Income), or if you already filed your tax returns and have a liability, this web-site will provide you with the information you need to resolve your tax issues.
By clicking on the appropriate button, you will obtain information regarding how to file your tax returns and various other options, such as Payment Arrangements or request an Offer-in-Compromise.
In addition, this web-site contains information on Certificates of Compliance for Business or Individual and Certificates for Withdrawal or Dissolution of a corporation. Any or all of the aforementioned items can be requested by using the Tax Clearance Application. To obtain the necessary form click here
If you wish to call or write to the department to express concerns about how your account was handled, please contact the Taxpayer Problem Resolution Officer, who reports directly to the Director of the department (602) 716-6025. One of the primary purposes of this office is to receive and evaluate complaints of improper, abusive or inefficient service by employees of the department, and to identify policies and practices of the department that might be barriers to the equitable treatment of taxpayers and recommend alternatives to the director.