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Transaction Privilege (Sales) Tax Rate Tables

The drop-down menu below contains of all the city privilege tax rates and city codes for program cities.  The Arizona Department of Revenue collects these taxes for the program cities.

The tax rates in the drop-down menu below combine the state's transaction privilege tax rate and the county excise tax rate.  They also include the accounting credit rates for applicable classifications on STATE TAX ONLY.

Some cities collect their own taxes.  These are called Non-Program cities.  Sales in these cities must be reported directly to the applicable city.  The State/County and Program City taxes must still be reported to the State.  Click here for the list of Non-Program cities basic rates, telephone numbers and links to their websites. 

TPT Due Dates - Download Calendar

PLEASE NOTE:  Rate tables are updated only as changes in tax rates occur and not necessarily every month.

TPT State/County and Program City Tax Rate Tables

Transaction Privilege Tax Changes and News

Current  Archive    
TPT Updates - August 2015Updates to the Tax Recovery Program, TPT Simplification, Deduction Codes and various city rate changes.Read More
TPT Updates - July 2015Updates to Graham County, City of Yuma, City of Benson, Town of Camp Verde, and the Town of Wickenburg.Read More
TPT Updates - June 2015

Updates to Graham County, City of Yuma, City of Benson, Town of Camp Verde and Town of Wickenburg. Also, new Form 5005 issued.

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TPT Updates - May 2015

Effective July 1, 2015: On November 4, 2014 Graham County voters approved a new Jail Tax. The tax is up to 0.5% as authorized in A.R.S. §48-4022. As of July 1, 2015 the total combined rate for most transactions will be 6.6%.
The new state/county combined rates will be available here: http://www.azdor.gov/Business/TransactionPrivilegeTax/TPTRates.aspx

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TPT Updates - April 2015

City codes have changed. The new city codes are standard between all cities and match state codes in most instances. A bridge linking the old codes to the new codes has been created for each city to assist you in determining the new code. Each city bridge can be found on www.azdor.gov/Business/TransactionPrivilegeTax/TPTRates.aspx under the city name.

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