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Department of Revenue

About the Arizona Department of Revenue

The mission of the Arizona Department of Revenue is to Serve Taxpayers!

Tax laws that fall under the department’s purview are primarily in the areas of income, transaction privilege (sales), use, luxury, withholding, property, estate, fiduciary, bingo, and severance.

The director is a member of the Governor’s cabinet and is responsible for the direction, operation, and control of the department to ensure that the administration and collection of taxes are cost effective and performed with high quality to meet taxpayers’ needs.

Reporting to the director is the chief deputy director and deputy director, who assist the director in the day-to-day operations of the department. The chief deputy director serves as acting director when the director is absent.

The department is organized into four divisions. Divisions include: Taxpayer Services, Processing, Education and Compliance, and Support. Each division performs specific functions which are integrated to achieve the department’s major external objectives of efficient tax collection and processing, timely enforcement of tax laws, and accurate valuation of property.


FY 2018-2022 Strategic Plan


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Director David Briant

David Briant - Director Arizona Department of Revenue

Mr. Briant is an accomplished leader with a proven record of improving customer service and performance.  With a public service career spanning more than 28 years, including 24 in government finance, Mr. Briant brings a lifetime’s worth of accumulated knowledge and experience to the role of director at the Arizona Department of Revenue. 

As business and finance director at the Arizona Department of Environmental Quality, Mr. Briant worked with former ADEQ Director Henry Darwin to lead that agency’s adoption of a results-driven, customer-focused management system to deliver better, faster, more cost effective government for the citizens of Arizona.  He brings the very same brand of leadership to ADOR as he strives to make it one of Arizona’s premier agencies. 

In his first several months at the helm of Revenue, Mr. Briant has focused the department’s efforts on completing milestones for the TPT Simplification project, reducing waste, and improving customer service.  He is passionate about developing a culture of continuous improvement at ADOR, and under his direction, staff has begun work to lean processes to improve turnaround rates and increase value for customers.