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Tobacco Forms

Form NumberForm NameGet FormGet InstructionsPosted
10428License Application for Distributors of Tobacco ProductsDownload Form 8/12/2014
11134PACT Act StatementDownload Form  
800-20Cigarette Distributor's Monthly Report (pkgs of 20) - Checklist & InstructionsDownload FormDownload Instructions 
800-20Page 1, InventoryDownload Form  
800-20Schedules A1–A8Download Form  
800-20Schedule BDownload Form  
800-20Schedules C1-C2Download Form  
800-20Schedules E1-E2Download Form  
800-20Schedule FDownload Form  
800-20CertificateDownload Form  
800-25Cigarette Distributor's Monthly Report (pkgs of 25) - Checklist & InstructionsDownload FormDownload Instructions 
800-25Page1, InventoryDownload Form  
800-25Schedules A1–A8Download Form  
800-25Schedule BDownload Form  
800-25Schedules C1-C2Download Form  
800-25Schedules E1-E2Download Form  
800-25Schedule FDownload Form  
800-25CertificateDownload Form  
800NRCigarette Distributor's Monthly Report for Nonresident Licensed Distributors - Checklist & InstructionsDownload FormDownload Instructions 
800NRPage 1Download FormDownload Instructions 
800NRSchedules A3-A4Download Form  
800NRSchedule B Download Form  
800NRSchedules E1-E2Download Form  
800NRCertificateDownload Form  
805Reservation Retailer's Monthly ReportDownload Form  
811Revenue Stamp Transaction (Luxury Tax)Download Form  
819Distributor's Monthly Return of Cigars and Tobacco Products Received (for resident licensed distributors) - Checklist & InstructionsDownload FormDownload Instructions 
819Page 1Download Form  
819Schedules A-A4Download Form  
819Schedules B1–B3Download Form  
819 Schedules B4–B5Download Form  
819Schedules C-C2Download Form  
819Schedules D, E1, E2Download Form  
819CertificateDownload Form  
819NRNonresident Distributor’s Monthly Return of Cigars and Tobacco Products Received - Checklist & Instructions Download FormDownload Instructions 
819NRPage 1Download Form  
819NRSchedules A, A3, A4Download Form  
819NR Schedules B1-B3Download Form  
819NR Schedules B4, B5Download Form  
819NRSchedules C3, DDownload Form  
819NRCertificateDownload Form  
840Cigarette Distributor's Claim for Refund of Cigarette Taxes PaidDownload Form  
840-ACigarette Distributor's Claim for Rebate of Cigarette Taxes PaidDownload Form  
840-BDistributor’s Affidavit for Rebate of Taxes Paid for Other Tobacco ProductsDownload Form 8/12/2014
841Cigarette Distributor's Report of Cigarettes Received in Packages Other Than 20s or 25sDownload Form