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NOTICE:  Please disregard any copies of the instructions for the 2014 Form 322 that you obtained prior to December 16, 2014 because they incorrectly referenced contributions made or fees paid to a public school during the period January 1, 2015 to April 15, 2015.   Contributions made or fees paid to a public school after December 31, 2014 will not qualify for a credit on the 2014 tax return.

Property Forms

Form NumberForm NameGet FormGet InstructionsRevision Date
82050Electric Generation Companies Reporting FormDownload FormDownload Instructions12/2012
82051Railroad Companies Reporting FormDownload Form 01/2013
82053Pipeline Companies Reporting FormDownload FormDownload Instructions01/2015
82054Electric Transmission & Distribution Companies and Gas Distribution Companies Reporting FormDownload FormDownload Instructions12/2012
82054RRenewable Energy Equipment Reporting FormDownload FormDownload Instructions12/2012
82055Water, Sewer and Wastewater Utility Companies Reporting FormDownload Form 01/2015
82056Telecommunications Companies Reporting FormDownload Form 12/2014
82058Airline Companies Reporting FormDownload FormDownload Instructions01/2015
82059Private Car Companies Reporting FormDownload Form 12/2014
82061-ACopper Mines Reporting FormDownload FormDownload Instructions09/2013
82061-BMines (Other than Copper) Reporting FormDownload FormDownload Instructions09/2013
82061-CSmall Scale Mines Reporting FormDownload FormDownload Instructions09/2013
82063Oil, Gas & Geothermal Interests Reporting FormDownload FormDownload Instructions11/2013
82104Application Senior Property Valuation Protection OptionDownload Form 10/2003
82130Petition for Review of Real Property ValuationDownload Form 02/2011
82130AAAgency Authorization FormDownload Form 10/2012
82130AAAAgency Authorization Continuation FormDownload Form 03/2004
82130NCPetition for Review of Notice of ChangeDownload Form 11/2009
82130RResidential Petition for Review of ValuationDownload Form 02/2011
82131Multiple Parcel Appeal FormDownload Form 03/2009
82162Affidavit of Property Value (Explanation of Codes)Download FormDownload Instructions04/2014
82163Beneficiary’s Declaration of Additional Funds ReceivedDownload Form 09/2013
82179BTaxpayer Notice of Claim – Real PropertyDownload Form 10/2013
82179BBTaxpayer Notice of Claim – Multiple Parcel FormDownload Form 06/2013
82179C-1Petition for Review of Taxpayer Notice of ClaimDownload Form 10/2013
82179CP-1Petition for Review of Taxpayer Notice of Claim – Personal PropertyDownload Form 04/2014
82179PTTaxpayer Notice of Claim – Personal PropertyDownload Form 06/2013
82285PCentrally Valued Property Disclosure/Representation Authorization FormDownload FormDownload Instructions04/2013
82300Income and Expense StatementDownload Form 03/2010
82300-1Income and Expense - Apartment SupplementDownload Form 03/2010
82300-2Income and Expense - Office Building/Retail Store SupplementDownload Form 03/2010
82300-3Income and Expense - Hotel/Motel/Resort SupplementDownload Form 03/2010
82300-4Income and Expense - Shopping Center SupplementDownload Form 03/2010
82300-5Income and Expense - Mobile Home/RV Park SupplementDownload Form 03/2010
82300-6Income and Expense - Mini-Storage Warehouse SupplementDownload Form 03/2010
82300-7Income and Expense - Industrial/Manufacturing/Distribution Warehouse SupplementDownload Form 03/2010
82354Request to Combine Common Area Parcel NumbersDownload Form 04/2004
82503Dealer Mobile Home Inventory Exemption DeclarationDownload Form 01/1999
82505Mobile Home Park and Trailer Court Operator’s Report to County AssessorDownload Form 03/2014
82505AMobile Home and Travel Trailer Register (4 per page)Download Form 11/2003
82514BCertification of Disability for Property Tax ExemptionDownload Form 12/2011
82520A-IAgricultural Business Property Statement Tax Year 2015 InstructionsDownload FormDownload Instructions11/2014
82520IBusiness Property Statement Tax Year 2015 InstructionsDownload FormDownload Instructions11/2014
82525Manufactured Housing, Mobile Home and Mobile Office Acquisition and Sales ReportDownload Form 04/2011
82527Property Leased or Rented from InventoryDownload Form 05/2001
82528Affidavit of AffixtureDownload Form 02/2010
82530Personal Property Petition for Review of ValuationDownload Form 11/2009
82901Notification of Arizona Residential Rental PropertyDownload Form 02/2014
82916Agricultural Land Use ApplicationDownload Form 04/2013
82916-CAgricultural Land Use Application – Continuation PageDownload Form 04/2013
82916-SAgricultural Land Use Application – Supplement PageDownload Form 04/2013
82917Agricultural Lease AbstractDownload Form 04/2013
82917-CAgricultural Lease Abstract – Continuation PageDownload Form 04/2013