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E-File and 2D Barcode Software Developer Information

Modernized eFile (MeF)

  TY2014 TY2013 TY2012
Application  to Participate 2014 Application to Participate                2013 Application to Participate 2012 Application to Participate
MeF Software Developer's Manual Pub 1346   TY2013 Pub 1346 TY2012 Pub 1346 Coming soon
MeF Schema


2014 Schema Drafts  (Draft, updated  9/22/2014)
(None of the tax years in the package are scheduled for production)

AZ Individual 2013 v1.3   (Effective 12.27.13) AZIndividual2012v2.2 (Updated 12.3.2013)
ATS Tests  TY2014 ATS Scenarios
TY2013 ATS Scenarios v2 (Effective 12.2.13)
TY2012 Test Scenarios
MeF Business Rules   AZMef TY2013 IndividualIncome BusinessRules  v4 (Effective 1.14.14) AZMeF TY2012 Individual Income Business Rules v1

2D Barcode

  TY2013 TY2012
Application to Participate 2013 Application to Participate 2012 Application to Participate
2D Barcode Developer's Manual Pub 100 TY2013 Pub 100                                            TY2012 Pub 100                                                    
2D Barcode Record Layouts 2013 Pub AZ100A    (Last updated 12/05/2013) 2012 Pub AZ100A
ATS Tests TY2013 Test Scenarios (New 11/26/2013) TY2012 Test Scenarios