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TaxSlayer.com is a full featured online tax filing system that has been used by millions of taxpayers to securely and accurately file their taxes.  We are proud to offer the most comprehensive free file program available which allows taxpayers to file BOTH State and Federal tax returns for FREE.  Taxpayers are eligible for free filing if they meet the following requirement:  their Federal AGI is less than $30,000.  Please note, state return is free only when accompanying a qualified free Federal tax return. 


Free (Federal and State)
Available to the following qualified individuals

  •    Federal AGI is $30,000 or less

 PLEASE USE THE FOLLOWING LINK TO ENSURE TRACKING AND ACCURATE DIRECTION TO TAXSLAYER.COM FREE FILE PAGE:  http://www.taxslayer.com/americanpledge/default.aspx?source=ctbtmfy&src=AZFFA

For those who do not qualify for free tax filing, you can file your Federal tax return for a single price of $9.95.  Please go to:   http://www.taxslayer.com - please use the following link:  http://www.taxslayer.com/americanpledge/default.aspx?src=AZPD


Provides Federal return filing.

Provides State return filing.

E-file your return for a faster refund.

Save your information so that you can begin now and return at your leisure to complete your return.