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Lamson Tech - 1040Now

Average 1040

Free federal and AZ tax preparation & e-file if your AGI is $32,000 or less and you live in AZ. State e-file programs are available for all states.  You may e-file your state tax return with us even if you have already filed your federal tax return with other companies. If you don't qualify for free file, your federal tax return filing fee is $14.95 for 1040-EZ and $19.95 for 1040-A or 1040; and your state tax return filing fee is $17.95.

Terms & Conditions: Free file applies to state and federal electronic returns.

Arizona Forms Supported: 140, Schedule A, 140A, 140EZ

Is the Arizona Free File available if accessed through irs.gov?  No

Is Federal (IRS) Return Free included with this offer?  Yes

Ready to start? > http://www.1040now.net/freefileaz.htm